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Finding Your Song
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Dan McCollam


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About Finding Your Song
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Sources of inspiration for great song ideas are everywhere. Whether you are a first-time writer or just busting through a creative block, the practical exercises and creative starters in this book will:

  • get you unstuck from creative writer’s block
  • free you from intimidation in song writing
  • enlarge your journey as a worship writer
  • propel you into a fresh dimension of personal praise and worship

Finding Your Song explores seven sources of inspiration for writing great praise and worship songs. Working examples are taken from the writings of Brian and Jenn Johnson along with quotes from some of the greatest worship writers of our day.

Dan McCollam is a supernatural trainer and strategist specializing in worship, the prophetic, embracing the glories of the cross, and unlocking dreams of the heart for churches, leaders and individuals. He is the founding director of the mission organization, Sound of the Nations, and serves in local global church leadership.