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Furious Love Deluxe Edition

Furious Love Deluxe Edition
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About Furious Love Deluxe Edition
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In this follow up to the controversial breakout hit, Finger of God, join filmmaker Darren Wilson as he travels the world to some of the darkest spiritual climates on the planet.  His one goal: to put God's love to the test.  Demon tents, New Age and Witchcraft festivals, the persecuted church, heroin addicts, the sex trade . . . they are no match for the raw power of God's unconditional love.  This powerful, haunting film will open your eyes to the war raging around us all, and will challenge everything you know about the strength and majesty of a God who furiously fights for us with the greatest weapon in the world . . . Love. 

Deluxe Edition Special Features
* The making of Furious Love
* Director and crew commentary
* 3 DVD's containing 5 all new featurettes with extra footage:
               From the Cutting Room Floor
               The Theology of Furious Love
               A Reality of the Battle
               A Photography Journey