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Get Naked

Get Naked
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Mark Peterson


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About Get Naked
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A playbook for purity, Get Naked contains a revolutionary message that brings solutions to the problem of sexual sin.

Raw, eye-opening, and honest, Get Naked was born in the trenches. It's a practical plan for purity that fits a man and his church.

Excerpt from the book:

“This book was written for you. It's about sexual purity, the foundation that you build the rest of your life on. To get everything you really want in life, you have got to get this right first. It's the deepest place you go. It's the core of who you are. It's where you were created, and it mirrors your worship with the living God.

To get sexually pure you must get naked. You must become known and let others see who you are. Adam and Eve were in the garden naked and not ashamed. They sinned, hid, and covered themselves up, but Jesus died naked on a cross so that we can live naked and not ashamed. Purity is the prerequisite to great sex. You can have a lot of sex, but you will never have great sex outside of sexual purity, because without purity the only thing that can be satisfied is your carnal man. Great sex is hard work and it will cost you. The price is purity. To get there you will need to be honest. Dangerously honest. No religion involved. The message in this book is not about controlling your behavior. It's about being sexually free from the inside out, not just sexually sober."

About the Author

Mark Peterson is the founder and leader of the men's sexual purity group at Bethel Church in Redding, California. With a degree in communication from Fresno State University and two decades of experience as a men's group leader, Mark is a voice for sexual purity, honest relationships, and entrepreneurship in and outside the church. He loves seeing men restored, set free, and reconciled in their relationships. He enjoys football, swimming, hunting, fishing, napping, reading, and eating excellent food with his family and friends. Mark lives in Northern California with his wife Diane and their four children.