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God's Most Beautiful Creation
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Kris Vallotton

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About God's Most Beautiful Creation
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In this powerful series Kris Vallotton unveils the truth about God’s most beautiful creation…women! Kris proves that there is a demonic conspiracy to disempower, deface and destroy women. He shows us how the devil has used religion to carry out his devious plot for thousands of years. You will learn that God created women to co-reign and co-lead with men, and come to understand the power of the curse in the Garden of Eden and the power of the Cross in the Garden of Gethsemane. Kris answers the hard questions imposed by the apostle Paul. This revelatory instruction commissions women into their divine destiny and empowers men to return to their masculine mandate. This teaching will rock your paradigms and transform your thinking!

Message #1: God’s Most Beautiful Creation
Message #2: God’s Most Amazing Creation
Message #3: God’s Most Wonderful Creation
Message #4: Matriarchal Leadership
Message #5: Living Together In Harmony

Bonus Message: Empowering Women Q&A