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God's Supernatural Power in You
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Kris Vallotton


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About God's Supernatural Power in You
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God's Supernatural Power in You is revealed by 12 well-known Christian authors who know firsthand how God can change lives, communities, and nations through faith-filled believers.

As we learn from each other how to better spread the gospel, you are invited to take advantage of decades' worth of combined supernatural experiences and wisdom tat will energize your spiritual and personal life.

Plug into the power God has for you by reading exciting and enlightening stories and testimonies by:
James W. Goll
Che Ahn
Heidi Baker
Jaeson Ma
Marc A DuPont
Graham Cooke
Steve Sjogren
Craig vonBuseck
Wolfgang Simson
Scott McDermott
Kris Vallotton
Marguerite Evans