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Grace that Empowers
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Chris Gore

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About Grace that Empowers
Free Gift

Chris Gore has found himself in a unique position to understand the goodness and grace of God. While he has seen God move through him to perform literally hundreds of extraordinary miracles, his own daughter suffers from cerebral palsy. Through the process of seeing incredible breakthrough for others while still contending for his daughter's breakthrough, Chris has learned to lean into God's goodness and to rely on His grace. Many Christians are locked into performance Christianity and wonder if they are good enough for God to use them. They place their focus on what they have or have not done, as opposed to what Jesus has done. When we learn to align ourselves with God's grace, we set ourselves up for His grace to flow through our lives. The Lord loves us and wants to use each one of us regardless of our efforts to perform. Grace is a free gift from our loving Father. Now that is "good news."