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How to Respond to Disaster
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Bill Johnson

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About How to Respond to Disaster
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Revealing God:
Anything we believe about God not found in the person of Jesus has reason to be questioned. Jesus came to an orphaned world to demonstrate the heart of the Father. With this understanding, rather than partnering with judgment, we can embrace the opportunity to release hope. The nature of the Old Testament was to reveal the severity of sin, and the need for a Savior.

Revealing His Heart:
To blame the outcome of a natural disaster on God is irresponsible. The Scriptures’ warning about the last days are not promises, but a description of the world you are assigned to affect and change. We have been given clear instructions on how to impact and overcome. The more the church learns who she is, the less she wants to be rescued.

The Ministry of Reconciliation:
God gave his greatest invitation imaginable when he said, “When you forgive, I forgive.” In fact, forgiveness is so central to the gospel that when we do not forgive, we keep people imprisoned through our accusation. Sin requires judgment, so Jesus became sin so we could become the righteousness of God. We have been given delegated authority to ask that the undeserved favor upon our lives would be extended to the broken.