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Hunger Driven
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Brian Nickens


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About Hunger Driven
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After 12 years as a Bible Teaching Pastor in the Calvary Chapel Movement my family and I moved to Redding California to plant our second church and found ourselves in the midst of a revival we had no idea existed. Although generally skeptical of the charismatic movement we could not resist the love that the people of Bethel Redding displayed throughout the city.

One day while visiting the Bethel campus to pick up a schedule of services a complete stranger approached me and offered to heal my wrists. This person could not have known that my wrists were totally worn out and constantly sore from 25 years of carpet installing. My wrists were completely healed and are now pain free and stronger than ever.

Minutes later as I drove away an angel of the Lord came into my car, sat on my lap and assisted me in pulling the car over to the curb. Then the angel moved over to the passenger seat and said nothing, then flew out the car and perched itself on a large rock on the hillside below the Bethel Prayer Chapel. This day was the real beginning of my journey into the supernatural Christian lifestyle.

This book is a behind-the-scenes detailed account of what my wife and I had to work through spiritually, emotionally and biblically as the Lord divinely ambushed us and redirected our ministry, certain beliefs and our entire life.

I have since traveled all over the world teaching on personal reformation sharing the gospel of the kingdom, healing the sick and delivering some from demonic oppression as I tell our own story. I am so grateful for the firm Biblical foundation I received from my years as a bible-teaching pastor in Calvary Chapel and I love the Jesus People Movement. Chuck Smith was no doubt one of God's Generals. Becoming rooted and grounded in scripture is essential to a sustained Christian life and ministry of power. I also love the revival culture of Bethel Redding. Spirit and truth is a powerful combination.