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I Hope It's Not Hereditary
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Jedidiah Hartley


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About I Hope It's Not Hereditary
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They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and the phrase has never been more relevant than in reference to Bob Hartley. His inimitable wit, outspoken demeanor, ambitious attitude, and utter lack of concern with the way others perceive him have created a tidal wave of God's grace, leaving a wake of tall tales wherever he goes. As his son, I have been greatly impacted by his many stories. My father has endured a life filled with painful challenges, many of them self–induced. And yet, after all that he's been through, he remains dedicated to proclaiming the hope he has found in an amazing God. This is not a biography but rather a collection of stories that illustrate the many life lessons my father has learned—often the hard way. Never one to sweep his mistakes under the rug, explain them away, or blame them on others, my father has embraced his errors, learned from them, and shared them with me, so that I might build my life on the same hope he has found and fought for. My aim in writing this book has been to capture the heart of my father's incredible stories and to share them so that they might impact you in the same way they have impacted me.