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Invading Babylon
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Bill Johnson


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About Invading Babylon
Free Gift

You were transformed to transform your world! Six revolutionary voices in the modern church show you that:

  • Any Gospel that doesn't work in the marketplace doesn't work." (Bill Johnson)
  • We have authority to bring the power of the age to come into the present." (Lance Wallnau)
  • The promise of reaping a mighty harvest is linked with taking possession of the gates that are presently in the hands of our enemy." (Alan Vincent)
  • Our task is nothing less than reforming nations, people groups, and social units of whatever scope." (C. Peter Wagner)
  • One of the greatest keys to bringing God's will to earth is prayer." (Che Ahn)
  • When the church abdicates its God-appointed position, our rightful place gets usurped and the airwaves are filled with unhealthy influences." (Patricia King)

The Kingdom of God was always meant to shape culture, never to retreat from it. Step into your destiny as a part of this transformative Kingdom!