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Jesus Never Needed to Promote Himself
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Eric Johnson

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About Jesus Never Needed to Promote Himself
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Jesus never once promoted Himself, yet He was the most sought after by the multitudes.  He wasn't timid or weak, but He understood that greatness in the kingdom comes through humility and trusting God for promotion.

In this series, Eric teaches that we need to learn how to steward God's presence in a way that attracts the world.  The purpose of miracles is not to increase our list of testimonies, but to bring people to an encounter with the love of God.  We are moving into a season where we will bring so much life into an environment that, even after we've left, it will continue to produce fruit.

Disc 1 - Self Promotion Comes from Lack of Trust in God
Disc 2 - Creating Life for Future Generations
Disc 3 - Does the Kingdom Need Revival?
Disc 4 - Trusting the Holy Spirit Through Mysteries
Disc 5 - Sing a New Song to Create a New Season