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Keys to Promotion Flash Drive

Keys to Promotion Flash Drive
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Bill Johnson

Flash Drive

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About Keys to Promotion Flash Drive
Free Gift


The Keys to Promotion Collection: A collection of some of the greatest audio teachings on Promotion by Bill Johnson.

These teachings are conveniently packaged on an easy to use flash drive ready to be loaded onto your computer or mp3 player.

This flash drive makes for a great gift idea and church resource!

The teachings included on this drive are:

Creating a Kingdom Culture part 1 & 2

Leading from the Heart
-The back door to the Throne room
-Loyalty and Respect
-Counterfeit Authority
-Developing Ministry Gifts
-Changing the Wineskin
-Developing Your Ministry Gift
-The Need for Endurance

-The Responsibility of blessing
-the battle over significance
-The Challenge of Blessing
-Fearing God or Man