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Kristene DiMarco: Mighty

Kristene DiMarco: Mighty
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Jesus Culture Music,Kristene Mueller-DiMarco

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About Kristene DiMarco: Mighty
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Jesus Culture Music presents “Mighty", the latest from Kristene DiMarco and her very first full length live album. Featuring 11 compelling worship songs, Kristene writes from a place that carries the message of hope, trust, and the power of God through all circumstances. Inspired by the beauty and reverence of hymns, Kristene unpacks timeless psalms paired with soaring string melodies, a resilient choir, and an unapologetic heart of worship to put on display the holiness and kindness of God. In tracks such as, “Eyes On You", we sing of our trust in Jesus who is with us through seasons of both laughter and pain. Anthems such as “Over And Over Again" and “Song Of Your Love" are declarations of praise to God who always comes through and is always on time. The title track “Mighty" powerfully declares the mightiness of God and that death has no power because of His victory. This album of ground shaking worship will stir up tremendous faith and bring you back to the truth of God's powerful love and the undeniable comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit.