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Leadership Aptitudes

Leadership Aptitudes
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Jason Hedge

M4A Download (audio + graphics)

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About Leadership Aptitudes
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You were designed with a distinct imprint that was intended for a purpose. The fulfillment of which entails the utilization of your leadership aptitudes. This session discusses the Leadership Aptitudes. Your unique makeup consists of a combination of these factors, which when embraced, enable you to be at your best. The focus then moves from changing who you are, to realizing how you will embrace your life journey. Let’s take the first step together to identify which leadership aptitudes you possess. This process is based upon the DISC Assessment, which is available online, and is highly recommended.

The download includes: 
· mp3 
· m4a (enhanced audio file with embedded pictures that are timed to the audio) 
· DISC Leadership Aptitudes Form PDF 
· Instructional Starter Guide PDF (with links to more online resources)

*m4a enhanced audio works best with iTunes and QuickTime