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Leadership Perspectives on Homosexuality (Part 4 of 5)
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Kris Vallotton, Equipped to Love

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About Leadership Perspectives on Homosexuality (Part 4 of 5)
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Prophet Kris Vallotton shares practical wisdom on how God’s people should view and address a wide variety of relevant topics surrounding homosexuality, including identity, temptation, soul ties, government legislation, moral and biblical standards, sex education in public schools, and more.


Equipped to Love, a ministry to those impacted by homosexuality, welcomes Kris Vallotton. Kris Vallotton is the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is cofounder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). Kris travels internationally, training and equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purposes. He’s a bestselling author, having written more than a dozen books and training manuals to help prepare believers for life in the Kingdom. He has a diverse background in business, counseling, consulting, pastoring and teaching, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives. Kris has a passion to use his experience and his prophetic gift to assist world leaders in achieving their goals and accomplishing their missions. He’s the author of the popular blog, Kris Vallotton: Raw, Real & Relevant. Kris has been married to his wife Kathy since 1975, and they have four children and many grandchildren.