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Personal Apologetics DVD

Personal Apologetics DVD
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Andre Van Mol, MD


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About Personal Apologetics DVD
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Christians are people to whom truth matters greatly.  Life Ethics, also known as Bioethics, refers to that part of the field of ethics dealing with problems encountered in biologic and medical science, often issues of life and death, many of which are the hot-button news items of our time.  Believers should be out in force presenting Christian truth on these topics in compassion, respect and excellence, but very often don't due to intimidation, insecurity or just feeling unequipped.  The purpose of this brief course is to help you rise to the challenge!

Each of these topics may be purchased individually, or as a packaged 8-DVD set titled "LIFE ETHICS" which is sold at a discounted rate.
     1) Personal apologetics
     2) Gay marriage/ why not?
     3) Sexual origins
     4) Assisted suicide
     5) Rights of conscience
     6) Stem cell research
     7) Abortion
     8) Human trafficking