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Living Unbalanced
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Chris Gore

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About Living Unbalanced
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Many times we look at what we have or have not done to determine whether we are worthy of God to heal us or even allow His supernatural power to flow through us. "Living Unbalanced" is not a message about us and our accomplishments; it is about what Jesus purchased at the cross when He cried out, "It is finished" (John 19:30). Jesus came to fulfill the law so that we can walk in freedom. Too many of us are living on the wrong side of the cross. We think what was paid for at the cross enables us to walk in the "law" better, but we are called to live a new covenant life of freedom. We are able to walk in all Christ purchased on our behalf. This message by Chris Gore clearly demonstrates the difference between old covenant living and new covenant freedom. It is about living on the right side of the cross!