Love Just

Love Just
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About Love Just
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Love Just is a journey of dreamers overcoming fear, chasing the dream within their heart and finding the beauty of their dream coming true. This album is for the fearless child within who loves deeply and crosses unpaved paths to discover the rhythm that has always been and will always be the song that is sung for all of their life!

Song Titles:
1. Love Just
2. Moon & Stars (Dream Dreams)
3. Dance to the Rhythm (Fly)
4. Don’t Forget Who You Are
5. Baby Girl
6. Jesus Loves Me/Don’t Forget Who You Are (Reprise)
7. Fly (Dance to the Rhythm Instrume

Artist Bio:

An overcomer of personal dislikes for mosquitos, dirt, hot hot heat, bugs
and sweating, Desi d’Amani, a Southern California native, has fallen in love
with the people and country of Mozambique, and on any given day she would
rather be in her Mozambican home than any place on the planet. However,
having spent considerable time serving Iris Global, under the direction of
Heidi and Rolland Baker, she has learned that if two people can provoke
change in a nation by encouraging and equipping the “least of these” to be
who God made them to be as sons and daughters, then she must follow in suit
by encouraging this first-world generation to be WHO they were created to be
and to pursue the dreams God has placed within them.

On a recent visit to Mozambique, Desi began to see that her personal path
was shifting and it was time to step into another portion of her destiny:
music. In order to bring a relevant message that would provoke change, Desi
embarked on a personal journey of overcoming obstacles such as fear and
insecurity to fully embrace her own sound and true identity as a daughter of
God. This life-journey is in another beginning stage: Desi dreams her voice,
through song, will impact people of every race and tribe from mud hut
villages to western suburbs across the world bring them to hope, encourage
adventures, and inspire people of all ages that no dream is impossible, and
it is never too late to see it fulfilled.