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Mystic Moosetales

Mystic Moosetales
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Robin McMillan


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About Mystic Moosetales
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A Supernatural Allegory…

My primary purpose for writing MooseTales is to impart two things to the current generation:

  • Love for Jesus, and
  • Authentic hunger for the historic supernatural God of the Bible

I chose the allegorical style because it lends itself to creativity in a wide range of expression and humor. In my imagination there exists a world where animals walk on two legs, demonstrate all the attributes of humans, and live and interact together with people. In just such a world Theodore Conquest 'Mystic' Moose lives and does his exploits. Many of these tales are based on events that have literally happened to flesh and blood men and women. These people I know. Other events originate from lives of historic Christians I don't know but have read about or heard their testimonies.

This is a great read that will make you think, cry, laugh and apply. It is creativity at its best. – Beni Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding CA