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Open Heavens October 2015 Complete Set
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Bill Johnson,Bob Hazlett,Shawn Bolz

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About Open Heavens October 2015 Complete Set
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What was normal in the life of Jesus was meant to be normal for every believer. When Jesus prayed, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven," he set a model. Learn from Bill Johnson, Shawn Bolz and Bob Hazlett as they teach about how every believer was created to be an open heaven. Our privilege and responsibility is to bring heaven to earth, here and now. We believe the supernatural lifestyle is to be the normal lifestyle for every believer. We have a mandate to see the Kingdom advance on the earth. Our desire is to help the body of Christ understand the power of God and walk in it. We live in an opportune time to display the goodness of God to humanity!

Session 1: "The Open Heaven is Here" - Bill Johnson
Session 2: "Heavenly Thinking" - Bob Hazlett (+ Bonus Conversation 1 with Shawn Bolz)
Session 3: "Gates and Shepherds" - Shawn Bolz
Session 4: "Heavenly Help" - Bob Hazlett
Session 5: "Translating God" - Shawn Bolz (+ Bonus Conversation 2 with Joaquin Evans)
Lab 1A: "Revivalist, Reformer or Renaissance" - Paul Manwaring
Session 6: "A Message for Now" - Shawn Bolz