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Randy Clark School of Healing & Impartation 2018
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Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Justin Allen, Paul Martini

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About Randy Clark School of Healing & Impartation 2018
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* Please note: The PM sessions from Thursday, Jan 18 & Friday, Jan 19 are not included in the full set

The purpose of the School of Healing and Impartation is to model, impart and empower believers from all levels by equipping them to reproduce the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. It is designed to help people understand what God is doing in our time and encourage them to become God’s vessels who invade earth with heaven’s realities!

We’ve carefully selected each session in order to cover topics such as words of knowledge, healing prayer model, faith for healing and the Biblical basis for healing. There will also be many times of activation, healing prayer and impartation!

Randy Clark - Healing service (words of knowledge and the ways of God)
Justin Allen - "Confessions of an Armor Bearer"
Bill Johnson - "The God of the Breakthrough"
Randy Clark - "The Servant that was Left Behind"
Randy Clark - "Thrill of Victory" 
(Bill Johnson - Tested for Greatness - NOT INCLUDED)
Paul Martini - "Power of Peace"
Randy Clark - "Healing Energy, Whose is it?"
Bill Johnson - "Trained for Greatness"
Randy Clark - "Pressing In" (Impartation)
(Randy Clark - Healing Service (Power of the Testimony) NOT INCLUDED)