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Releasing Heaven's Blueprint
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Mary Lu Konkel


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About Releasing Heaven's Blueprint
Free Gift

Releasing Heaven's Blueprint has become the Kingdom standard for personal and city transformation for those who desire to see breakthrough in their personal lives and the atmosphere around them. And, not just any transformation but life-changing transformation that is authentic, practical and sustainable. Hearing the heart of God in this contemporary innovative book, veteran intercessor Mary Lu Konkel reveals how you can tap into personal and city transformation through the seven keys for "Lifetime Transformation." Releasing Heaven's Blueprint also answers many questions most of us wonder about, including:

  • Does God really have transformation blueprints in heaven?
  • Are God's blueprints available for everyone, including me?
  • I understand intercession, but what is prophetic intercession?
  • Is it really possible to experience lasting transformation?
  • Does that actually mean I can see my city change? My country?