Revelation Song

Revelation Song
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Katharine Hathaway


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About Revelation Song
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Revelation Song: Lessons Learned on a Country Road is the beautiful voice of clarity and holy reality from Katharine Hathaway. In her desperate search for God, she takes us on a journey through her childhood with an rageaholic father, giving up a child for adoption, the of verbal abuse, and the fear of living life without purpose or peace. Navigating her spirit, mind and soul through the grid of new age cults, Katharine has a radical encounter with Jesus Christ and discovers her true identity.

Having lived through my own devastation of unhealthy relationships, I would only wish I had had a friend like Katharine to love me and hand me some critical questions to think about. Revelation Song would have helped me to navigate my way through the bewildering mess of my own wrong choices.

Katharine’s testimony of encountering God imparts grace and healing to the reader. It establishes hope in the heart to believe once again that the dreams you dared to dream really do come true. Through this book and workbook you will discover that you are valuable to God. You are not a waste of talent or potential doomed to spin in circles of regret, condemnation and defeat. You are uniquely designed to accomplish here on earth what no one but you were created for. You are God’s best idea for His purposed plan to bring His Kingdom to earth regardless of the difficulties you might find yourself in today. He is the answer to your deepest needs.

It is a privilege to know Katharine and to be a witness to her transformation by God’s love through her writing and her ministry. Papa God has truly turned the water of her past into the fine wine of her life today. “God is the rich redeemer of all things lost, broken, stolen and misused. There is nothing He can’t make brand new. Give Him whatever it is. Watch for miracles.” KH

isbn 978-0615442419

117 pages