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Silver to Gold
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Jennifer A. Miskov


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About Silver to Gold
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Silver to Gold: A Journey of Young Revolutionaries by Jennifer A. Miskov. With a vast and callous army pressing down on them fast, there is nowhere for Desire and the other Young Revolutionaries to run. Her situation is desperate. This is not how her journey is supposed to end, certainly not before it has even truly begun. The legend is strong. Desire knows it offers escape and hope. More than that, it promises fullness and abundance. That is, after all, why she set out. But what will Desire do when faced with the choice of pursuing her dreams when others choose something different?In a world where so many dreams never make it to reality, Desire’s journey will inspire, challenge, and encourage you to dust off those dreams that have lied dormant and move forward to take hold of them once again.Silver to Gold is a tale of struggle, friendship, love, loss Above all, its a tale of the adventure of pursuing a deep-rooted dream, the type of dream that you can feel flowing through your veins. You cannot shake it. You are being beckoned towards your full potential. Nothing less will satisfy. It is the type of dream that you are sure others are as committed to as you aren’t they?Silver to Gold is a prophetic allegory that will inspire you to pursue and fulfill your God-given dreams. Why settle for silver when God’s destiny for your life is gold? As 100% of profits of this book will go directly to Iris Ministries and helping the poorest of the poor, you are making a huge impact in helping others have the chance to pursue their dreams as well.

"Silver to Gold is an inspirational story to dream seemingly impossible dreams. It is an encouragement to press through every challenge and obstacle, until our vision becomes a reality.Jen is an awesome young revolutionary who has courageously pressed in to the dreams of God for her own life regardless of the cost, and counted it all as joy! I highly recommend this book to everyone who is not prepared to settle for anything less than the very best! " Heidi BakerAbout the Author:Jennifer A. Miskov, originally from Southern California, set off to work with the poor in Mozambique for six months in 2000. Years later, in 2007, she left her career, sold her car, and moved to England to pursue one of her dreams. It was there that she recently completed a PhD in healing and revival, looking specifically at the life and theology of Carrie Judd Montgomery (1858-1946), the most influential woman in the Divine Healing Movement in America and a significant but overlooked figure for early Pentecostalism. See Jen’s second book Spirit Flood: Rebirth of Spirit Baptism for the 21st Century (In light of the Azusa Street Revival and the life of Carrie Judd Montgomery) for more in relation to this. You can learn more about and connect with Jen at or