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Single Life Workshop: Embracing Our Sexuality

Single Life Workshop: Embracing Our Sexuality
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Barry Byrne,Lori Byrne

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About Single Life Workshop: Embracing Our Sexuality
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God created our sexuality. It is a gift from Him that we need to honor and steward according to His design. As a single person, sexuality can be a difficult thing to navigate. Unfortunately, the church has often taught singles to simply ignore and deny their sexuality until marriage. This usually ends up backfiring leaving many singles feeling guilty for even having sexual feelings and desires. In this teaching from Single Life Workshop, Barry & Lori Byrne talk openly about being sexual beings and how we can steward our sexuality while being single without pretending it doesn't exist. It is so important to learn self-control and comfort with your own sexuality before marriage because we will need these same qualities when we become married.

*Single Life Workshop is a ministry of Nothing Hidden Ministries.