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Single Life Workshop: Taking Away the "Horribleness" of No!
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Barry Byrne,Brendon Byrne,Lori Byrne

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About Single Life Workshop: Taking Away the "Horribleness" of No!
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Having boundaries and saying no in a relationship has been labeled as rejection instead of what it is – a necessary part of healthy relationships. In this Single Life Workshop teaching, the Byrnes break the stigma that saying no in relationships is a bad thing. They give practical steps on how to be open and honest in your relationships regardless of the potential of hurting someone or letting someone down. Complete honesty in kindness will always be the best way to love a person, even if it is saying no to a potential relationship. This teaching shows you how to build a relationship on the foundation of honesty and that being able to say “no" is a necessary step in this process!

*Single Life Workshop is a ministry of Nothing Hidden Ministries.