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SLW Workshop  (Video)

SLW Workshop (Video)
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Barry Byrne, Lori Byrne, Brendon Byrne, Jeremy Byrne

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About SLW Workshop (Video)
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*ATTN: NHM desires to support singles who are leading weekly SLW workshops; therefore, NHM requires that a single has attended a live SLW Workshop and signed an SLW Weekly Leader's Agreement before purchasing this SLW Workshop video and leading an SLW Weekly Workshop in your local area.

This series contains 12 Single Life Workshop (SLW) lessons, which are the core of the live Single Life Workshops. They are designed to encourage growth in learning how to do relationships well and to work through the significant things that may hinder having healthy, transparent, intimate relationships. We are created to live in community, so let's invest in doing relationships well!

*Single Life Workshop is a ministry of Nothing Hidden Ministries