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Smart Money

Smart Money
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Stephen De Silva

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About Smart Money
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Prosperous Soul Stewardship Series

Money is an emotional topic, exposing our fears and measuring our failures.  Many hope for a miracle but settle into a quiet desperation of inadequacy and fear when it comes to finances.  Daily battles with budgets and bills are handed from generation to generation, yet these cycles need not become a legacy for ourselves or our children.  The apostle John's prayer of hope (3 John 1:2) still hangs in heaven for our benefit as we pray and learn and act anew.

In this two-part series, Stephen reveals secrets held by the wealthy.  Biblical truth and practical insights emerge from years of experience and financial counseling.  You too can benefit from the lessons and secrets heard by hundreds of individuals before you; secrets of wealthy mindsets, the 2 rules of success, active and passive income streams, and co-laboring with Christ are only a few of the many tools shared.