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Someday When I'm Young

Someday When I'm Young
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Cory DeSilva

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About Someday When I'm Young
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Destined to make an impact upon the realms of secular music and entertainment, Cory De Silva's debut album "Someday When I'm Young" aims to capture the sounds of heaven and aims to unleash God's love into a lost and broken world. Lyrics carry messages of hope, love, and redemption. Cory De Silva's deepest desire is to see God's glory cover all ends of the earth--to do this, God is raising up songwriters who will champion the reigns of the secular music industry and who will use for God what has been used to glorify man for far too long.

"Someday When I'm Young" is filled with well crafted music and lyrics. Taking more than two years to complete, each song stands on its own as a fresh, unique musical experience. "Mezzo City" starts off the album with a blend of smooth melody and punchy electric guitar work. "Help Me Girl" an intimate, acoustic ballad helps paint a picture of pure, innocent love. "Short & Sweet" beings with a soft piano intro which climaxes into a resounding chorus of strings, guitars, and soaring vocals. The final two tracks "Dissipate" and "Best Friend" are the most thought provoking. "Dissipate' relays God's heart to his children, encouraging us to follow our dreams and to never give up on hope. While "Best Friend" an older sibling telling his younger brother that he will always be there to protect him.