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Sozo Basic Training Manual - Chinese
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Dawna De Silva


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About Sozo Basic Training Manual - Chinese
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The SOZO Basic Training manual has been revised and expanded, and is a great companion to the SOZO Basic Teaching Series. You can use the manual to begin an inner-healing ministry, teach a personal restoration class, or for your individual growth and development.

Disc 1

伯特利教會的異像 簡介 歷史 團隊 核心價值 饒恕

Disc 2

父神階梯法 父神階梯法示範 父神階梯法操練

Disc 3

愛的語言 引見耶穌 引見耶穌示範

Disc 4

四扇門 憎恨 懼怕 性犯罪 異端巫術

Disc 5

有色眼鏡 轉換屬靈氣氛

Disc 6

牆 牆工具的操練 SOZO服事 流程示範