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Split the Sky

Split the Sky
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Chris Quilala

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About Split the Sky
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"Split the Sky" marks the first solo studio album release from Jesus Culture Music artist, Chris Quilala. Set apart from anything Jesus Culture has recorded before, "Split the Sky" ventures into a new realm of worship music largely influenced by retro pop and futuristic soundscapes, driven by big synth melodies that will capture the ear of the listener. Woven together with intention, the lyrics carry themes of hope, encounter, and the Father's deep desire to have relationship with us. The title of the album, "Split the Sky," comes from the song "After My Heart," which describes God's pursuit of our hearts and our response of surrender to Him. Other songs, like "Reign" are written with a heart of conviction, inviting Jesus to take the highest place, and putting heaven on display. With a fresh expression of worship, we hope "Split the Sky" leads you into new encounters with God and greater revelations of His great love for you.