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The Advancing Kingdom
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About The Advancing Kingdom
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Disc 1: Living for the Master Plan - The Book of Nehemiah provides one of the ultimate settings to see the wisdom of living in the purposes of God. The strategies of hell are to distract and derail us from God's agenda. They attempt this with accusations and intimidation. Staying in the purpose of God is in itself a place of great safety from the effect of these weapons of darkness. This message helps to bring clarification to the issues we face.

Disc 2: An Offensive Defense - Many believers live with an "enlarged" awareness of the devil and his plans. This builds a defensive posture for the believer that is unhealthy at best and destructive at worst. We have the ball! Changing perspective brings about a completely different result from our supernatural lifestyle. This message provides a biblical perspective on the practical issues of life.

Disc 3: The Prescription of Joy - In Nehemiah's day, joy was the prescription that God wrote for a people that really needed to repent. Joy comes to affirm the holiness of God. It is necessary! Laughter is to joy what tears are to sorrow. It really is good medicine, and is the biblical expression of salvation. And now science is actually doing research on the health benefits of joy. This is a must message for the church "in" and "out" of this revival.

Disc 4: Sacrifice: The Place of Safety - The safest place for the believer is not in defending what we have, but in positioning ourselves for advancement. It's the sacrificial lifestyle that creates that kind of atmosphere around the believer that insulates us from the destructive tactics of the devil. Warning! There is an enemy waiting to fill the vacancy that the absence of sacrifice makes available.

The Advancing Kingdom