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The Basics in 21 Days
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Benjamin & Micah Joy Williams


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About The Basics in 21 Days
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Who Will Benefit from the Basics in 21 Days?

  • The person who just gave their life to Jesus Christ.
  • The pastor looking for kingdom-minded follow-up material.
  • The evangelist wanting to help their converts go to the next level.
  • The new believer, small group leader, or mentor.
  • The believer who has never felt grounded in the basics of Christianity.
  • Anyone who wants something to hand to people they lead to Christ in the marketplace!

We are entering into the greatest movement of God in world history. The Basics in 21 Days is designed to help fill the need for discipleship of the new believers that are coming into the kingdom. It is a diving board into the deep river of God. Jump in!