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The Glory Files

The Glory Files
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Paul Manwaring

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About The Glory Files
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The Glory Files

The life of the believer is a life of glory! There is glory everywhere around us, but only if we know what glory is, and where to look. This teaching series will powerfully equip you for a glory-filled life!

How to Go from Glory to Glory

Scripture tells us that we go from one degree of glory to another! What does that mean? This teaching will help you take steps to an ever increasing glory filled life!

You Have A Glory

Did you know that you have been given a glory by God? We are meant to be glory-bearers. This message will explain how.

Your Greater Glory

Moses saw the glory of God and had to cover his face with a veil, but in the New Testament we are told that we have greater glory than Moses! This teaching will unpack the how, why and exciting implications!

Shekinah Glory

The glory of the Lord fell on the temple, and the priests couldn't help but fall down. The Shekinah Glory of God is a powerful and wonderful thing, and in this message Paul Manwaring explains more about the Shekinah, and what it means for us. It might surprise you!

Defining Glory

Glory is an expression of God's unique 'godlikeness'. What does that mean for us, and why is it important?

Glory and Honor

The relationship between glory and honor changes everything for us once we understand it. This teaching will explain the importance of this connection.