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The Justice of God

The Justice of God
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Bobby Conner


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About The Justice of God
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The Justice of God: Revelations from the Vineyard of Naboth

Why do Bad things happen to good people?

Where is God’s justice when the righteous suffer?

Naboth was a righteous man—a devout Jew, faithful to God—yet he was murdered by wicked Jezebel and robbed of his inheritance. His beloved vineyard was given to evil King Ahab.

Where was God’s justice in this terrible crime?

Make no mistake: God is not mocked. We can trust the power and certainty of God to carry out His own saving justice for all, in every circumstance of our lives.

Like Naboth, we must take a strong stand for justice—as His Zadok priesthood—to cry out loudly for our families and nations. We must battle to keep our inheritance, no matter the cost!

As you read this meditation on Naboth’s vineyard, may you be blessed with a revelation of the Lord’s faithfulness, mercy and loving kindness toward you, the heart of His saving justice.