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The Knowledge of the Heart

The Knowledge of the Heart
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Phil Mason


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About The Knowledge of the Heart
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The Supernatural Transformation Series charts a bold course for the contemporary church. Over four dynamic volumes, author Phil Mason calls for nothing short of a prophetic revolution by calling the people of God back to the heart. The Heart Revolution is not for the faint hearted! It is for those who are ready to discover what it really means to go beyond a cold religious expression of Christianity and to return all the way to a true, intimate heart journey with the King of Glory. In this first volume, The Knowledge of the Heart, Phil establishes the introductory biblical principles of a radical Heaven to Earth model of supernatural transformation.

The Knowledge of the Heart, is a strong biblical exploration of the importance the Bible places upon the heart. Phil gives us a thorough understanding of the meaning of heart in the Bible, and he calls the people of God to fully embrace the heart journey that Jesus intends each of His followers to recover. Jesus lives within what Phil identifies as the intimacy paradigm. We are called to embrace this paradigm from the heart and allow it to revolutionize and transform our lives from the inside out. Intimacy is a journey of the heart. This timely book is guaranteed to totally revolutionize your concept of following Jesus, setting the stage for the deep-level heart transformation that the Scriptures invite us to.