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The Prophetic Perspective

The Prophetic Perspective
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Mark Chironna


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About The Prophetic Perspective
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Are there modern-day prophets? Or are prophets relegated to by-gone Bible days? The answers in this book may surprise you!

Prophetic Perspective stirs up a lot of spiritual questions such as:

  • What does prophetic really mean?
  • What are the dynamics involved when the Church is fulfilling its prophetic responsibilities?
  • How does a sense of the prophetic enhance corporate worship?
  • How has the term “prophetic” fallen into misuse and abuse?

Dr. Mark Chironna, a seasoned and proven prophetic voice in the Kingdom of God and the Body of Christ, answers these questions and many more based solidly on Scripture and personal experiences.

Well-known for his inspirational insights and diverse discussions into the spiritual realm, Prophetic Perspective follows in a steady progression of his other popular and widely-read books.

Topics in this book include:

  • The Ascension Gifts
  • The Prophetic in Context
  • The Person of the Prophet
  • The New Apostolic Reformation

The prophetic need not be mysterious, confusing, or a source of contention—it is a unique aspect of God’s rich kingdom that you can be part of and from which you can reap great rewards.