The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness
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Jason Vallotton,Kris Vallotton


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About The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness
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Jason Vallotton thought his world was burning down around him when he found out that his wife, Heather, planned to leave him. Using his own story as a poignant, evocative illustration of God's grace and healing, Jason, along with his dad, Kris Vallotton, invites you to reframe your understanding of redemption. Together, they show you how to steward the hardest times and deepest pain of your life so that God can lay a foundation for complete restoration and empowerment for your future. While it may be hard to see emotional wounds as gifts when they still hurt so deeply, The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness will help you discover that God can not only heal your wounds, but He can also use the healing process to equip you for a whole, fulfilled and powerful life! The purpose of this book is to help reshape mindsets on working through pain and becoming an emotionally whole person. Most people have been taught to ignore pain at all cost in hopes that it will somehow disappear. Living like this leaves people wounded; trapped in unhealthy cycles of brokenness. They never actually eradicate the damaging pain, but instead they shut off their emotions in order to cope with life. The Supernatural Power Of Forgiveness will give the reader keys that will unlock doors to a powerful life.


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