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The Wealth Factor

The Wealth Factor
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Stephen De Silva

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About The Wealth Factor
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Proverbs makes it clear that the result of excellence is to serve before kings; but kings dwell on the peaks and summits of great influence in our culture. It is for those high places that God has assigned the Steward.

In The Welath Factor, Stephen discusses the essential keys of stewarding wealth and the purpose for this assignment. As righteous stewards, we will manage vast amounts of wealth in the years to come. Success, however, at those elevations cannot be faked. Like Joseph, God will choose those who are faithful in little things. We must serve out of Purpose and possess an identity of a faithful steward.

As we become what the Bible refers to as trustworthy, we will thrive in the environment of kings. We are being invited by the Lover of Our Souls to serve in these levels of influence. This invitation is available to those who would say "yes" to the Stewardship calling as He prepares His Church for the transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous.