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They Saw Hell
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H. A. Baker


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About They Saw Hell
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While serving in China in the early 1900s, missionary H.A. Baker collected many stories of people who had visions of both heaven and hell. In this treasury of real-life experiences, Baker, the grandfather of Iris Ministries founder Rolland Baker, outlines the numerous stories of those who had visions of hell. The author, Harold Armstrong Baker (1881–1971), known as H.A. Baker, was a Pentecostal missionary to Tibet from 1911 to 1919, to China from 1919 to 1950, when forced to leave the mainland, and then in Taiwan from 1955 until his death in 1971. With his wife and co-worker Josephine, Pastor Baker began the Adullam Rescue Mission for street children in Yunnan Province, China. The children in the home, mostly boys aged from six to eighteen, began to have spiritual experiences, claiming to have seen heaven through a series of visions. As you read his riveting accounts, you will be reminded of the sobering reality of eternal life and drawn into a new depth of the Father.