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Translating God
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Shawn Bolz


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About Translating God
Free Gift

Translating God is an inspirational guide book that puts God's great love back into prophetic ministry as the primary goal. It is full of real life stories that articulate the culture of love behind God's heart for the prophetic. So much of the prophetic ministry is esoteric and a free-for-all in which people throw down the God card on anything they feel. This book brings balance without taking away the desire to see the powerful nature of God displayed. Additionally, it's biblically based and supported by Scripture. As an internationally known prophetic voice who has ministered to thousands—from political leaders to those on the streets—Shawn Bolz shares everything he has learned about the prophetic in a way that is totally unique and refreshing. Shawn aims for the higher goal of loving people relationally, not just pursuing the gift or information, and he activates you to do the same.

Through a thought provoking prophetic ministry philosophy and Shawn's glorious successes and very real failures, you will be inspired and equipped to:

  • learn how to hear God for yourself and others
  • grow through simple focused steps
  • take great risks
  • stay accountable
  • love people well
  • grow in intimacy with the Lord

Translating God the Course includes our book, an exciting workbook, and a DVD series. We have also included a poster for groups to get involve in group studies. It is designed as an activity guide to maximize your experience with Shawn Bolz's book Translating God and is packed full of practical ways to make the prophetic a normal part of your daily life.

Translating God the Teaching Series is a three part series that will transform the way that you see prophecy and your prophetic lifestyle. Shawn Bolz shares about the relational dynamics of prophecy through powerful teaching, inspirational stories and prophetic demonstration. These thought provoking teachings will truly encourage and inspire you in your prophetic journey. This series will help you develop tools to deepen your prophetic process and learn how to hear the voice of God for yourself in a whole new way.