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Trees of Life Series Two

Trees of Life Series Two
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Janie Meisinger

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About Trees of Life Series Two
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Series Two: Advanced Tools Disc 1: Words of Knowledge & Discernment In this teaching we go over a number of tools used in Trees of Life Ministry, starting with WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE/DISCERNMENT - we learn how to make this a tool in our belts, rather than a weapon of the enemy. Disc 2: Unmasking the Conflict Within Do you ever have arguments in your head? Do you ever say a part of me wants to . . . This is a conflict within. This tool brings resolve to these conflicts so you can have peace of mind (single minded). Disc 3: Spirit Exchange Do you know the difference between a spirit of fear and being scared. . . or that you can be mad without the spirit of anger? Sprit exchange is a tool for dealing with the issues of fear, anger, control, loneliness, etc. We look at how to tell if there is a spirit behind your responses and/or actions and the difference between the Spirit vs. God-given emotion, and how to make the exchange.