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Understanding the Whole Bible
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Jonathan Welton


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About Understanding the Whole Bible
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This textbook is the distillation of a nineteen-week course, Understanding the Whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation taught by Author and Theologian Dr. Jonathan Welton. If you want to devour the Word, this textbook is for you.

Topics include:

  • Learn the difference between Systematic and Biblical Theology
  • How did we get our Bible?
  • Translations and study tools
  • Freewill versus Predestination
  • Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology
  • Cessationism and Supernaturalism
  • The Five Major Covenants: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and the New Covenant
  • The Covenant Promises fulfilled
  • God is not an Old Covenant monster
  • Understanding the At-One-Ment
  • Better Covenant Theology
  • The Great Covenant Transition
  • The End of Age
  • The Unveiling of Jesus
  • The One Law of the New Covenant World

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