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Barry D. Ham


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About Unstuck
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Get Out of the "Marriage Rut" and Find Hope & Happiness Together. Do you feel stuck in your marriage or distanced from your spouse? Maybe you've reached the point where you feel like roommates, two people just co-existing together. Every marriage goes through these "dry spells." God knows how to heal your relationship and wants to breathe life back into your marriage! Marriage therapist Dr. Barry Ham gives you the tools you need to navigate through the hard times in your relationship, as he shares inspirational stories of couples who overcame the "marriage rut."

Learn how to:

  • Change the atmosphere of your relationship and see your spouse through God's eyes.
  • Sustain a passionate and vibrant marriage for years to come and learn to build a solid foundation.
  • Reconnect with your spouse on a deeply intimate level and heal from past hurts together.
  • Build a successful and unshakeable marriage and learn how to keep God at the center.

Transform your marriage when you allow God to become the center of your relationship.