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Victorious Faith
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Steve Backlund

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About Victorious Faith
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Eight messages designed to radically change how you think, act, and talk.  Listen to them again and again to strengthen your faith and to receive all that Jesus offers you.

1.  The Sovereignty Error - Find out why many Christians cannot pray with confidence.

2.  Faith Makes a Difference - Mark's gospel makes it clear that "our faith" (or our unbelief) tremendously affects the will of God being done.

3.  Faith and the Word - To be "skilled in the Word of righteousness" requires us to use the Bible as a sword and shield against the lies of the devil.  Victorious people learn to "take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ."

4.  Faith's Identity - Who are we?  Do we Believe what God says about us, or do we believe another report?  Our future depends on having God's identity burned in our hearts and minds.

5.  Faith and Words - It is impossible to grow in faith without changing our vocabulary.  Truly, life and death is in the power of the tongue.

6.  Faith vs. Law and Legalism - What moves the hand of God?  Is it my goodness or believing what He has said?  The book of Galatians has the answer.

7.  Faith's Vision - Where there is no hope for tomorrow, there can be no power for the present.  People of faith have a burning vision for the future which empowers them in their daily living.

8.  Keeping Faith - This is an exhortation to preserving faith and a caution concerning walking in presumptuous faith.