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Steve Witt


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About Voices
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Would you recognize God's voice if He spoke directly to you? Would you understand what God is saying to you? Author Steve Witt gives personal examples of the many ways God speaks to His people including:

Dreams, Vision, Impressions, Revelatory words, Demonstration, Art, and Life situations.

Learning how to interpret the Voices will lead you to a deeper relationship with your heavenly Father. With biblical insight and engaging personal stories, the author brings you full circle through the communication cycle of listening, hearing, and understanding what God is saying to you. You can recognize His voice you can understand His plan for your life!

About the Author

Steve Witt has spent 30 years as an investor in people, properties, and destinies. He has served as an instructor for an international course in business training and initiated several churches in the U.S. and Canada. He has taught and equipped in over 25 nations. He lives in Brunswick, Ohio, with his wife, Cindy, and has four children.