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When Heaven Invades Earth Book - Hardback Edition
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Bill Johnson


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About When Heaven Invades Earth Book - Hardback Edition
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When Heaven Invades Earth Special Expanded Edition

A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles

You can walk in the miraculous!

If you've ever wanted to live and walk in the supernatural power of God, here's your chance!

In this expanded edition of the best-selling book that helped many believers walk in the miraculous you will learn how to:

* Move in the promises of God.
* Rediscover your true identity.
* Live in God's supernatural power.

If you're not experiencing daily miracles, you're living far below your birthright. By laying a carefully constructed biblical foundation for walking in the extraordinary power of God, When Heaven Invades Earth is a practical guide to a life of miracles!

They left and preached everywhere. And miracles went with them. The Lord used these miracles to prove that the message was true. He was working with them (Mark 16:20 PEB).

Designed for individual exploration or small-group discussions, the wisdom in this book will launch you into a world of exciting, Spirit-filled signs and wonders.

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