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Woman: Humanity Groans for a Mother

Woman: Humanity Groans for a Mother
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Christianna Maas,Tiffany Williams

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About Woman: Humanity Groans for a Mother
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Every person who has ever lived shares a common experience: our lives begin in the womb of a woman. From conception, humanity groans for a mother. What an immense responsibility and privilege God has granted every woman.

However, it’s easy to forget the weight and power of this privilege while performing everyday activities, such as preparing meals for our children, consoling them through the night when they’re crying and carrying them when they’re too tired to walk.

In this dramatic presentation of Christianna Maas’s powerful manifesto entitled, Woman, Tiffany Williams vividly reminds us of the eternal value that women carry—and woman’s unique expression of God’s heart is released.

Written by Christianna Maas and performed by Tiffany Williams.

* Running time 14 min