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Iris has over 35 bases in about 20 nations led by teams of missionaries and local leaders. As more and more people want to associate with us spiritually and in every way possible, our Iris family is expanding country by country, a step at a time. Bases are being established, works are being initiated, and in developed nations fervent believers wanting to participate with us in the Gospel are starting Iris charities. We welcome short-term and long-term applicants, and stress that Iris is a holistic ministry not limited to particular specialties. It includes evangelism, Bible schools, medical clinics, primary and secondary schools, farming, vocational training, church planting, bush conferences, counseling, child sponsorship and in the future, a university in Pemba for the poor! We make ourselves available to the Holy Spirit to make use of every gifting He brings our way. We celebrate the life of God among us in all its variety!

We are deeply encouraged by the fervent interest in ministry to the poor that we have encountered all over the world. We would like all those who want to work with us in some way to familarize themselves with our history, teaching and core values. We will provide more and more resources on this website, including books, CDs, DVDs and e-books. A good place to start is our first book, “There is Always Enough,” detailing much of the story of how we got to this point. Another must on my short list is my grandfather’s book, “Visions Beyond the Veil,” also on this website. For core values, read our 8 September 2010 newsletter. Use our Contact Form to make requests and ask questions. Much to follow, as the Lord wills …

In summary, we value immediate intimacy with Jesus, a life of utterly-needed miracles, concentration on the humble and lowly, willingness to suffer for love’s sake, and the unquenchable joy of the Lord, which is our energy, motivation, weapon and reward — not optional!!