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The Theology of Empowering Women
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Kris Vallotton

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About The Theology of Empowering Women
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In this insightful message, Kris Vallotton uncovers the true meaning of scripture passages that have been misunderstood for generations, which consequently resulted in the oppression of half of the world's population. Kris takes us deep into the theological dialogue surrounding the core Scriptures that have been used to disqualify and/or oppress women in the church and the world. You will discover the truth about the Apostle Paul's intentions for women: how he actually honored, empowered, and protected them. Kris proves through the Bible that women were actually designed and empowered to co-reign alongside of men. If you've ever felt oppressed or belittled by the Scriptures, or you felt the need to disempower women so that you could obey the word of God, this teaching is for you!